Foods at Nawab Restaurant

Achari Aloo home delivery

Achari Aloo

FC37 Packing Extra  
Achari Paneer home delivery

Achari Paneer

FC40 Packing Extra  
Aloo Meethi home delivery

Aloo Meethi

FC36 Packing Extra  
Aloo Paratha home delivery

Aloo Paratha

FC59 Packing Extra  
Aloor Jeera home delivery

Aloor Jeera

FC35 Packing Extra  
Aloor Motor home delivery

Aloor Motor

FC34 Packing Extra  
Bamboo Chicken Biriyani home delivery

Bamboo Chicken Biriyani

FC63 Packing Extra  
Bamboo Mutton Biriyani home delivery

Bamboo Mutton Biriyani

FC64 Packing Extra  
Bamboo Paneer Biriyani home delivery

Bamboo Paneer Biriyani

FC65 Packing Extra  
Boiled Egg home delivery

Boiled Egg

FC32 Packing Extra  
Butter Chapati home delivery

Butter Chapati

FC56 Packing Extra  
Chapati home delivery


FC55 Packing Extra  
Chicken 65 home delivery

Chicken 65

FC14 Packing Extra  
Chicken Bhartha  B/L home delivery

Chicken Bhartha B/l

FC99 Packing Extra  
Chicken Biriyani  home delivery

Chicken Biriyani

FC74 Packing Extra  
Chicken Biriyani Mini home delivery

Chicken Biriyani Mini

FC126 Packing Extra  
Chicken Butter Masala home delivery

Chicken Butter Masala

FC100 Packing Extra  
Chicken Chow home delivery

Chicken Chow

FC120 Packing Extra  
Chicken Curry home delivery

Chicken Curry

FC93 Packing Extra  
Chicken Do Piaza home delivery

Chicken Do Piaza

FC95 Packing Extra  
Chicken Dry Fry B/L home delivery

Chicken Dry Fry B/l

FC16 Packing Extra  
Chicken Fried Rice home delivery

Chicken Fried Rice

FC90 Packing Extra  
Chicken Hyderabadi home delivery

Chicken Hyderabadi

FC102 Packing Extra  
Chicken Hyderabadi Biriyani home delivery

Chicken Hyderabadi Biriyani

FC70 Packing Extra  
Chicken Kadai home delivery

Chicken Kadai

FC96 Packing Extra  
Chicken Kasha home delivery

Chicken Kasha

FC101 Packing Extra  
Chicken Lababder B/L home delivery

Chicken Lababder B/l

FC104 Packing Extra  
Chicken Maharaja B/L home delivery

Chicken Maharaja B/l

FC97 Packing Extra  
Chicken Manchurian home delivery

Chicken Manchurian

FC49 Packing Extra  
Chicken Manchurian Dry home delivery

Chicken Manchurian Dry

FC27 Packing Extra  
Chicken Masala home delivery

Chicken Masala

FC94 Packing Extra  
Chicken Pakora B/L home delivery

Chicken Pakora B/l

FC13 Packing Extra  
Chicken Roll home delivery

Chicken Roll

FC10 Packing Extra  
Chicken Schezwan Chow home delivery

Chicken Schezwan Chow

FC124 Packing Extra  
Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice home delivery

Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice

FC91 Packing Extra  
Chicken Sultana B/L home delivery

Chicken Sultana B/l

FC98 Packing Extra  
Chilly Chicken B/L home delivery

Chilly Chicken B/l

FC50 Packing Extra  
Chilly Chicken Dry home delivery

Chilly Chicken Dry

FC17 Packing Extra  
Chilly Paneer home delivery

Chilly Paneer

FC47 Packing Extra  
Chilly Paneer Dry home delivery

Chilly Paneer Dry

FC4 Packing Extra  
Chilly Potato home delivery

Chilly Potato

FC1 Packing Extra  
Crispy Paneer home delivery

Crispy Paneer

FC2 Packing Extra  
Cucumber Raita home delivery

Cucumber Raita

FC132 Packing Extra  
Dal Butter Fry home delivery

Dal Butter Fry

FC33 Packing Extra  
Dhania Paratha home delivery

Dhania Paratha

FC60 Packing Extra  
Dum Aloo Masala home delivery

Dum Aloo Masala

FC38 Packing Extra  
Egg Bhujia home delivery

Egg Bhujia

FC29 Packing Extra  
Egg Biriyani home delivery

Egg Biriyani

FC77 Packing Extra  
Egg Biriyani Mini home delivery

Egg Biriyani Mini

FC129 Packing Extra  
Egg Chicken Roll home delivery

Egg Chicken Roll

FC11 Packing Extra  
Egg Chow home delivery

Egg Chow

FC122 Packing Extra  
Egg Curry home delivery

Egg Curry

FC113 Packing Extra  
Egg Do Piaza home delivery

Egg Do Piaza

FC115 Packing Extra  
Egg Fried Rice home delivery

Egg Fried Rice

FC88 Packing Extra  
Egg Hyderabadi Biriyani home delivery

Egg Hyderabadi Biriyani

FC73 Packing Extra  
Egg Masala home delivery

Egg Masala

FC114 Packing Extra  
Egg Pakora home delivery

Egg Pakora

FC12 Packing Extra  
Egg Roll home delivery

Egg Roll

FC8 Packing Extra  
Egg Schezwan Fried Rice home delivery

Egg Schezwan Fried Rice

FC89 Packing Extra  
Elish Biriyani home delivery

Elish Biriyani

FC66 Packing Extra  
Fish Fry home delivery

Fish Fry

FC28 Packing Extra  
Fish Pepper Masala home delivery

Fish Pepper Masala

FC19 Packing Extra  
Garlic Chicken home delivery

Garlic Chicken

FC52 Packing Extra  
Ghee Rice home delivery

Ghee Rice

FC83 Packing Extra  
Green Pepper Chicken home delivery

Green Pepper Chicken

FC15 Packing Extra  
Grilled Chicken (Full) home delivery

Grilled Chicken (full)

FC21 Packing Extra  
Grilled Chicken (Half) home delivery

Grilled Chicken (half)

FC22 Packing Extra  
Ilish Curry home delivery

Ilish Curry

FC119 Packing Extra  
Jira Rice home delivery

Jira Rice

FC82 Packing Extra  
Kadai Paneer home delivery

Kadai Paneer

FC43 Packing Extra  
Katla Fish Curry home delivery

Katla Fish Curry

FC116 Packing Extra  
Katla Fish Masala home delivery

Katla Fish Masala

FC117 Packing Extra  
Laccha Paratha home delivery

Laccha Paratha

FC58 Packing Extra  
Liver Mixed Masala home delivery

Liver Mixed Masala

FC18 Packing Extra  
Masala Egg Omlet home delivery

Masala Egg Omlet

FC31 Packing Extra  
Mixed Veg Masala home delivery

Mixed Veg Masala

FC45 Packing Extra  
Mixed Veg Raita home delivery

Mixed Veg Raita

FC131 Packing Extra  
Motor Paneer home delivery

Motor Paneer

FC39 Packing Extra  
Mutton Biriyani home delivery

Mutton Biriyani

FC75 Packing Extra  
Mutton Biriyani Mini home delivery

Mutton Biriyani Mini

FC127 Packing Extra  
Mutton Chow home delivery

Mutton Chow

FC123 Packing Extra  
Mutton Curry home delivery

Mutton Curry

FC105 Packing Extra  
Mutton Hyderabadi  home delivery

Mutton Hyderabadi

FC110 Packing Extra  
Mutton Hyderabadi Biriyani home delivery

Mutton Hyderabadi Biriyani

FC71 Packing Extra  
Mutton Kadai home delivery

Mutton Kadai

FC109 Packing Extra  
Mutton Kasha home delivery

Mutton Kasha

FC108 Packing Extra  
Mutton Maharaja home delivery

Mutton Maharaja

FC111 Packing Extra  
Mutton Masala home delivery

Mutton Masala

FC106 Packing Extra  
Mutton Pepper Fry home delivery

Mutton Pepper Fry

FC20 Packing Extra  
Mutton Schezwan Chow home delivery

Mutton Schezwan Chow

FC125 Packing Extra  
Mutton-Do-Piaza home delivery


FC107 Packing Extra  
Nawab Special Chicken B/L home delivery

Nawab Special Chicken B/l

FC103 Packing Extra  
Nawab Special Chicken Biriyani home delivery

Nawab Special Chicken Biriyani

FC67 Packing Extra  
Nawab Special Fried Rice home delivery

Nawab Special Fried Rice

FC92 Packing Extra  
Nawab Special Mutton home delivery

Nawab Special Mutton

FC112 Packing Extra  
Nawab Special Mutton Biriyani home delivery

Nawab Special Mutton Biriyani

FC68 Packing Extra  
Nawab Special Paneer Biriyani home delivery

Nawab Special Paneer Biriyani

FC69 Packing Extra  
Onion Paratha home delivery

Onion Paratha

FC62 Packing Extra  
Paneer 65 home delivery

Paneer 65

FC3 Packing Extra  
Paneer Biriyani home delivery

Paneer Biriyani

FC76 Packing Extra  
Paneer Biriyani Mini home delivery

Paneer Biriyani Mini

FC128 Packing Extra  
Paneer Butter Masala home delivery

Paneer Butter Masala

FC41 Packing Extra  
Paneer Chatpata home delivery

Paneer Chatpata

FC42 Packing Extra  
Paneer Fried Rice home delivery

Paneer Fried Rice

FC86 Packing Extra  
Paneer Hyderabadi Biriyani home delivery

Paneer Hyderabadi Biriyani

FC72 Packing Extra  
Paneer Manchurian home delivery

Paneer Manchurian

FC48 Packing Extra  
Paneer Pakora home delivery

Paneer Pakora

FC5 Packing Extra  
Paneer Paratha home delivery

Paneer Paratha

FC61 Packing Extra  
Paneer Roll home delivery

Paneer Roll

FC9 Packing Extra  
Paneer Schezwan Fried Rice home delivery

Paneer Schezwan Fried Rice

FC87 Packing Extra  
Paneer Sultana home delivery

Paneer Sultana

FC44 Packing Extra  
Papad Fry home delivery

Papad Fry

FC25 Packing Extra  
Papad Masala home delivery

Papad Masala

FC26 Packing Extra  
Peas Pulao home delivery

Peas Pulao

FC81 Packing Extra  
Plain Egg Omlet  home delivery

Plain Egg Omlet

FC30 Packing Extra  
Plain Paratha home delivery

Plain Paratha

FC57 Packing Extra  
Roast Chicken  (Full) home delivery

Roast Chicken (full)

FC23 Packing Extra  
Roast Chicken  (Half) home delivery

Roast Chicken (half)

FC24 Packing Extra  
Sehezwan Chicken home delivery

Sehezwan Chicken

FC51 Packing Extra  
Steamed Fish home delivery

Steamed Fish

FC118 Packing Extra  
Steamed Rice home delivery

Steamed Rice

FC84 Packing Extra  
Sweet Chilly Chicken (B/L) home delivery

Sweet Chilly Chicken (b/l)

FC53 Packing Extra  
Sweet Chilly Paneer home delivery

Sweet Chilly Paneer

FC54 Packing Extra  
Veg Biriyani home delivery

Veg Biriyani

FC78 Packing Extra  
Veg Biriyani Mini home delivery

Veg Biriyani Mini

FC130 Packing Extra  
Veg Chow home delivery

Veg Chow

FC121 Packing Extra  
Veg Fried Rice home delivery

Veg Fried Rice

FC85 Packing Extra  
Veg Hyderabadi Biriyani home delivery

Veg Hyderabadi Biriyani

FC79 Packing Extra  
Veg Jhal Fry home delivery

Veg Jhal Fry

FC46 Packing Extra  
Veg Pakora home delivery

Veg Pakora

FC6 Packing Extra  
Veg Pulao home delivery

Veg Pulao

FC80 Packing Extra  
Veg Roll home delivery

Veg Roll

FC7 Packing Extra  
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